SHARE’s 30th Anniversary Thanksgiving Dinner for the Homeless

In 1987, a public school art teacher and mother of three led a dozen student and adult volunteers into New York City late one Saturday night on something called a ‘Midnight Run’; at the time they called themselves ‘Interact’, and their intention was to meet some strangers who could use a little attention and kindness and a warm meal. In 1989, Hastings High School hosted the first Thanksgiving Dinner for the Homeless, where art teacher Jeanne Newman personally welcomed each of the 125 homeless and working poor guests who’d been bused in from the city – a practice she – and hundreds of SHARE student and adult volunteers – repeat each and every year.

For this amazing Thanksgiving Dinner, up to twenty school buses bring most of our guests from all five boroughs of New York City and Westchester County, looking forward to a personal welcome, a smile, a wave, a handshake, a hug. This volunteer-based and executed dinner is a point of holiday joy for not only our guests but for the hundreds of students who look forward to this night year after year, many of whom go on to continue in the tradition of service to community.

While all of the work is done by volunteers, there are still mounting costs: perishable goods, cooking and cleaning supplies, equipment, storage, and of course, our guest transportation.

From Midnight Runs to farmers’ markets to Project Prom to our flagship Thanksgiving Dinner and beyond, our goal is to immerse students in service events and social action in their community. For almost 32 years, thousands of middle and high school students have experienced getting involved, learning what it can be to become an active member in today’s society and to promote a better one tomorrow.

Help make Tuesday, November 26st, 2019 an evening to remember for hundreds of folks at the 30th Annual Thanksgiving Dinner for the Homeless!

Learn more about the Dinner and other service events on our Homepage here and please check with our Facebook page – – for the latest updates, our other events, and our contact information.

30 years. Who would have ever thought? xo


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