As summer wanes…

…and the days start their ebb into earlier evenings, the preparations for a new school year – everywhere! – are in sight.

When I was growing up, that meant new school shoes and later on sneakers for gym class. We got new school clothes, too, and for me, that always included a new pleated plaid skirt and maybe a matching sweater. My brothers and I got to pick out a new lunchbox, a pencil case, and a new binder. I remember those days so fondly…I suspect my own children do as well.

For too many children, though, new clothes or sneakers  or pencil boxes simply aren’t part of their school preparation list…but even more so, there will be no new books for too many kids who probably have no idea what that new book “feel” is all about.

Let’s change that. We can.

Enter, a wonderful not-for-profit whose sole goal is to provide books for disadvantaged and disenfranchised children. A literate nation is a strong nation, and so let’s get behind this amazing effort to help those who need the help the most: our nation’s kids.

Please do click on the link below and give…so that one day, these soon-to-be literate kids will fall in love with reading and know what it is to read and to be read to.

From our hearts to yours…

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