March Comes in Like a Lion…….and goes out like one, too

There has been so much chatter about the extended winter we have had, the unremitting cold that simply doesn’t want to loosen its grip on us here in New York. At this point, at March’s end when pansies would otherwise be braving the chill while crocuses punctuate the winter-weary ground, the weather has become the focus of every conversation along the East Coast. From family dinner tables to board rooms, from Facebook to Twitter, the cold and snow are center stage to other more noteworthy news.

For the most part, we are impatient with the weather, anxious to feel the warmth of the sun and the soft carpet of new grass beneath our feet, but for those whose homes are sheets of cardboard over a subway grate or the huddled, shadowed corner of a stone-cold step of an urban church, Spring and all it’s renewed beauty may as well be another year away. Cold is cold when shelter is absent and the city streets at night won’t feel warm until the depth of summer envelopes us.

It is, of course, a relative matter and we are, after all, only human in our crankiness. I merely offer this: as we seethe over extended heating bills that we will see into the month of April, as we roll our eyes at the thought of wearing those cold-weather clothes we’re so anxious to shed, it may do us all a bit of good to be grateful for all that we DO have. The weather will warm, the flowers will emerge and when the heat index goes well into the humid 90’s, we will complain about the excessive temperatures as well.

There really ARE so many – too many – who simply don’t have the luxury of complaining, as they just hold on and hope for even the slightest improvement. For them, life hangs precariously in the balance. For us, we really ought to remember that.

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