SHARE the Project, Inc.

“Take the time…share the experience”

November 3, 2012

It’s a chilly Saturday and many of us in New York, New Jersey and beyond are waking up to the new normal of no power, no heat and limited access to the outside world. Many of us are waking up to strange surroundings as we realize our homes have been damaged or destroyed and life as we had known it, has changed extensively.

Despite the loss, the shock and the awe of this devastation, we are a tough group, we New Yorkers, and at SHARE the Project, we decided to simply roll up our sleeves and help make the coming days a little easier for those who lost so much. Ours is an organization that has been a student-driven group since its inception in 1988.Many of the members who grew up as tireless volunteers in high school have stayed with us into their adulthood. And so all of us – kids and adults alike – are joining hands in this most recent project.

As we prepare for our annual flagship event, a Thanksgiving feast for over 500 homeless men, women and children, we are taking on another, more urgent need: a clothing collection for the residents of Breezy Point and the Far Rockaways and Staten Island. We are doing it because we can. It’s that simple. We are joining countless other New Yorkers in this effort to lend a hand in a quick and meaningful way. Won’t you please become part of the growing tradition that SHARE has exemplified for nearly 25 years? 

If you have clean winter clothing for infants, toddlers, children and adults, you can drop them off or mail them to:

SHARE the Project, Inc.

161 Broadway

Hastings-on-Hudson, NY  10706


There will be drop-off locations in Manhattan as well and they will be posted on this site.

And please accept our deepest thanks, from our hearts to yours.


Jeanne Newman, founder and Executive Director

SHARE the Project, Inc. dba Project SHARE

We are a public charity. Our 501©3 number is 01-0944154.



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