The year’s end…Auld Lang Syne

It’s been quite a year for all of us, and we managed to continue our mission to stay active in the communities we serve, expand ourselves to new problems and their solutions, to grow our Student Board to the largest it has ever been, and to work cohesively to make this year of 2019 the best that SHARE has known. If you practice enough, sometimes you really do get it right.

Our 30th Anniversary Thanksgiving Dinner for the Homeless – that amazing Grace we call our “Signature Event” – was wonderful. We included new elements, like a magician for our youngest guests and an astounding Mariachi band for ALL of our guests and volunteers. We were honored by New York State’s Senate Majority Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins whose annual presence at our dinner has always been such a joy. Westchester County honored SHARE as well as our Village of Hastings-on-Hudson, and all with the support and energy from the people whose kindness has kept us afloat for 32 years.

Sadly, we lost a wonderful friend who shared himself, his life in homelessness as well as his victory in being homed, with SHARE for the past three decades. Sleep with the angels, my dear friend Adam, and know that what you gave me and all of us in SHARE was the honor and privilege of your friendship.

The end of each year allows us the time and the season to reflect on where we were and to dream of where we are going. We have much to do in the new year! Our gratitude for your help is genuine and your continued interest in what our students achieve is embraced.

Wishing each and every one of you the very best of what was, with good wishes for a New Year of peace and love everlasting.

Summahtime Summahtime Sum Sum Summahtime

Make no mistake: the need for assistance for those who are food insecure isn’t seasonal. It’s 24/7. It’s 365 days a year. And this past Saturday night, SHARE was in New York City on the street, very happy to help – despite a massive power outage that affected the Upper West Side of Manhattan where our stops were located. Despite the deep black abyss that was Manhattan south of 68th Street and Columbus Avenue on Saturday night, people were out and about, enjoying the warm summer night and simply “being,” a far cry from the memories I had of the blackout on July 13th 1977, 42 years earlier, to the day.

Everyone we saw was happy. Spirited. Glad we made it to the city safely. These are my people. My friends. My extended family. They were witness to Rob’s and my wedding last November when we exchanged vows at our annual holiday dinner we host. They are my support, as I am theirs, and we have over three decades, shared love and loss, joy and sorrow together. And so our monthly Saturday night sojourns are far more intimate than what one may think.

We had ample bagged lunches. Rob’s infamous chili and cornbread. Cupcakes to celebrate our youngest volunteer’s 14th birthday. Fresh socks and underwear, tees and tanks and sneakers. Bagged lunches and more than anything else, we had genuine fellowship, a word I am always very careful about using. Summer Runs are a bit different. We’re often met with surprise, as no one really expects us to come into the city; we’re a group that is high school student-centered and we had been following the school calendar for as long as I can remember, with a summer Run or two added to the mix.

We’ll be back, and when we see our street friends again, the summer will have ebbed, school will have started and the chatter will be about our annual Thanksgiving Dinner. These Saturday nights on the street have never grown old or thin for me and honestly, I’m looking forward to the next Run, despite the 32 years that have rapidly passed since the very first Run I ever did…


And, just like that…here we are AGAIN!!

How is it that we are about to begin our annual campaign to support and help fund the Thanksgiving Dinner for the Homeless? This year – our 29th – is going to be one of our best. If you have followed our posts, our blog and our Facebook page, you’ll know how this is our flagship project. Please won’t you donate and be part of our 30 year history?

With love, deepest gratitude and hope,

Jeanne Newman, founder and Executive Director – SHAREDSC_5117.jpg the Project, Inc.

Join Us. March for Our Lives – 3.24.2018

Sign up.
Join SHARE On March 24th as we join the students of Stoneman Douglas High School March on Washington.
SHARE has contracted 5 coach buses. We want to bring 200 students and 50 adults.
Join us.
(Due to lack of internet, electricity and all things storm-related, permission slips will soon be available here on this page to be printed and filled out. Please bear with us).

We need you.

SHARE the Project, Inc.

161 Broadway l Hastings-on-Hudson l New York 10706 l (914) 478-1795


October 2017

Dear Friends,

We need you. We need your help. We need your generosity.

Please know that we are acting on behalf of those who can’t advocate for themselves, those who have doors closed in their faces and those who have lost all but the last remnants of hope.

The homeless and the hungry poor live right here. And right over there. And are part of our near and our greater community. For thirty years, we have simply wanted to help ease the many burdens they carry. And, now, this year, we are facing desperate financial times.

SHARE has always been an organization of volunteers. There are no salaries. We are a cog in the larger wheel of social kindness and humanity. And, it amazes us all what our “small group of citizens” have done to truly help those who have so very little, right here in our community as well as communities beyond.

Our annual flagship event will be here in the blink of an eye and we MUST raise the funds to support it. Please click on the link below and be generous.

If you wish, checks may be made out to: SHARE The Project, Inc., and mailed to our address above. We are a 501(c)3.

And, as always, with love and hope abounding, we thank you.

Jeanne Newman
Founder and Executive Director
SHARE the Project, Inc.

SHARE the Project 30 for 30 donation

Help support our not-for-profit organization that offers students of all ages opportunities to serve their community through a variety of social justice projects. And please accept our deepest thanks in advance for your support of this 30 year effort.


SHARE the Project 30 for 30 donation

Help support our not-for-profit organization that offers students of all ages opportunities to serve their community through a variety of social justice projects. And please accept our deepest thanks in advance for your support of this 30 year effort.